Custom Precision Slitting

We can provide Polyester and Polypropylene in a variety of gauges for your Folding Carton, Packaging, Label and Envelope film needs.

All films are tested and documented for appropriate dyne levels or ink adhesion on incoming and outgoing shipments.

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Contract Slitting

Allow us to speed up your in-house operations by precision slitting YOUR printed or unprinted films.  Whether you have high seasonal spikes in business or would like to reduce your lead time to avoid disruption of your other orders, we’re here to help.  Contact us today for a quote.

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Converting Trash to Treasure

Do you have unusable material in your inventory collecting dust or film that needs to be reworked or rewound? We can turn your trash into treasure. We offer contract slitting services to convert your obsolete film to a useable width as a cost savings measure rather than purchasing prime film at full cost.



Equipment Capabilities

Our equipment allows us to slit as narrow as 1” wide. Incoming feedstock width can be up to 61” maximum and up to a 31” outside diameter. Film can be wound onto 3” or 6” ID cores, and we are able to run to a specific footage or Outside Diameter.

Custom services

Whatever your slitting and film needs may be, please give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.